Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The first post! ( A bit like ripping off a band aid.)

                I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked if I have a blog. Really, it is  flattering to know that your friends and family think you’re a creative and capable person. Every time I’m asked, it just makes my day super happy. Of course, every time I’ve been asked I’ve had to say, “Nope. There’s no blog. I’m really too lazy for that. But I love blogs and I’ll forward you some of my favorites.” (Although I am thinking, I would really love my own blog!)
               Perhaps you’re like me and you also love blogs. Perhaps you’re like me and you’ve got an extensive collection of them saved in your favorites? Maybe you check most of them every day… you know in that spare minute between fixing lunch, refereeing Pokémon battles, and schooling your husband in Tetris? Perhaps you’re thinking “I’m nothing like her, and she may have some sort of sickness”? Either way, I just love blogs. Before I was convinced to start my own, there were a few mental hang-ups I needed to overcome. My number one blog excuse was that I was too lazy. Now, anyone who knows me, knows this is just silly. I am hardly a lazy person. Yes, usually I am too “inspired” to get to the dishes, but that really isn’t the same thing as being lazy. Perhaps my real hang-up was the  worry that  I wouldn’t  have enough original ideas to keep a blog happy. It’s not that I haven’t got an amazing collection of ugly sweaters and glittery shoes I could show off (I just know you’re all dying to see them). It’s not that there’s a shortage of things to say about growing up as a military brat, being an air force wife, a mom, a thrifting junkie, or a craft-aholic. What  I really love about my favorite blogs (so full of crafty magic and glittery projects) is that they are inspiring! That’s what I would dream my blog to be like! Vintage finds and ugly sweaters, peppered with library book reviews and googly eyed, pompom fantasy inspirations. It all boils down to the fact that I didn’t think I would  have enough original ideas. You want to see something new don't you?
So how did I finally make the leap? The New Year has come around and I wake up to  a Facebook message from a high school friend....
“Do you have a blog for all the crafting, thrifting, and adventures that you do? Not that I stalk your fb page looking for fun stuff (ok maybe I do a little bit) but you really amuse me!” –Tina (Sorry Tina, now everyone knows you’re a stalker.)
         One message and  now my day is super sparkly! Isn’t it so great when your friends let you know they think you’re a creative, capable and amusing person? As I read back over my standard response however “….really I am too lazy for a blog, but heres a bunch of my favorite links!” I am feeling a little less sparkly and a little lazy and a little less capeable. If I wanted a blog (and I do!) why am I holding myself back? I should just be a big girl and do the work! I have decided that New Years is a great time to set a new challenge for myself and I am going take a step toward blogging. Step one… what would my blog need? Ugly sweaters of course. Are my sweaters ugly enough? Oh yes… they are gloriously ugly. (CHECK!) Now I will need some ideas. Time to make a pot of coffee, whip out a notebook and challenge myself to fill three pages  with original ideas (or at least unique takes on old ones). I am sort of laughing at myself after fourteen pages and too many cups of coffee. Ideas? (CHECK!) Step two…. I am going to be a bloggggggger! (Squeeeeek!) It’s soooo exciting.
             My excitement wasn’t dampened even after all my favorite potential blog names had already been taken. (No, stolen!)  Not even after yelling at Photoshop because it took me ten hours to figure out how to resize my banner then center it in blogger. And I am  still excited even after begging hubby for help because the whole set up experience proved a bit more difficult than I had imagined.   You get the idea. I am still excited! I am learning the ropes and I hope you’re going to stick around because it’s going to be fun I promise you! I plan on sharing some flocking, some glitter, some batman, some jackalopes, some sugarcookies, thrift shop finds, and many happy words and things! Ah, and yes… I do have a blog and I really hope that it will become one of your favorites.


  1. Hello! Welcome to the blogging community. I'm chuffed to be your first comment. I was exactly the same when I started out with my blog, taking ages trying to figure out how to size headings etc. Son't worry, it gets easier! :)

    - Lois x

    1. Thanks so much Lois for the warm welcome! I am a quick study so I am hoping things will be simple enough from here on out. (If not there does not seem to be any shortage of help on the internet.) Now it's on to the fun stuff!

  2. Hello Kendra and welcome in the blog world! You will love it here :). I created my blog in a period when I was in a really dark place, and it helped me so much. I wish you all the best in this journey!

    Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.