Thursday, September 20, 2012

Icebreaker T-shirts (A lined paper tee with a twist.)

        Perhaps you've spotted the tutorials for these lined paper tee shirts around the net. I have, and just love how sharp and clean the design is. However, I am not really one to leave well enough alone.... I've also never met a piece of paper I've not scribbled all over. So, to celebrate the first day of school my boys and I created this icebreaker tee; to help start up conversation and hopefully make them a few new friends!
       On our shirts I used a tape and paint method to make the design. Once it was dry I asked Romyn and Baelin how they would introduce themselves to a new friend, and jotted that down with a sharpie! (Later Romyn decided he wanted to add a peace sign.)

(Grammie photobombs!)
Here is Baelins. (It's his last year of Preschool this year!)
               After I shared this idea on Happy Words and Thing's Facebook  page my friend Crysta was inspired to make one for her little Liam. A few minutes, some paint pens and a sharpie later Mr. Liam was ready for school. (Thank you for sharing Crysta, he is too cute.)
(As you can tell, Liam likes Thomas the Tank Engine, anything red, and chocolate! I like chocolate too Liam.)
           What would your icebreaker tee shirt say? Mine would probably read....
"Hey, I'm Kendra! I drink a lot of Starbucks and I loooooove purple with loads of glitter. Let's craft something!"
            Hope you all had a great Summer! (We were pretty busy, but that's not a bad thing!) - Kendra


  1. "Hi, I'm Kati. if you have vodka, you should give me some, because i would be your bff. until someone else with more vodka came along."