Friday, November 16, 2012

Graffiti Fun with Crayola Window Crayons. (A review.)

           Once upon a time it was gloomy outside, so Daddy bought some Crayola Window Crayons. Then Mommy hid them away because she thought "I am NOT going to clean up that mess!" and she forgot all about them.
           Once upon a different time it was gloomy again, and the boys were crazy, and Mommy was trying to keep calm when she came across the Crayola Window Crayons... she cursed her husband and her own weakness as she gave them to her boys and steered them to the windows. Amazingly, she then enjoyed an entire cuppa coffee before she realized her happy boys were spreading rainbow colored finger prints all over the house. (Messy.)
            The next day it was sunny... but the boys were thrilled to be back at the windows again anyway.
               Years ago I used Crayola's Window Markers for a project and was not thrilled with the results. The colors weren't bright, and passersby could not see my adorable snowflakes from the street. (Sad.) These crayon versions are LOUD bright, and went on very smoothly. The downside is that the boys managed to get color all over their hands, which traveled onto the windowsills and walls. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser was the only way to get everything tidy again. Cleaning the window was not easy either, you can see a portion that was "cleaned" around the top of the door in the purple framed picture, it took me three tries with Windex, elbow grease, and paper towels to scrub it all off. (In fact the paned windows are still colored, because I dread the detail work I know is going to be involved. First the glass, then the trim...I shudder.)
               The truth though... I expect art to be messy. Glitter, glue, snipping paper, and what-not, it's always a disaster afterwards. The day and a half of peace I had, finding letters written to me on the windows, stick figure kitty shadows dancing around on the floor, and little boys who can't stop bragging about their creations is worth half a bottle of window cleaner any day.
              We give window crayons two smudgy rainbow thumbs up. I hope your day is arty too! -Kendra

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