Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tribbles and Red Shirts...Halloween 2012

          What do you know? Star Trek won out over Mario this year. HURRAY! The boys were very pleased with their costumes, thrilled that Gramps surprised them with shinny "real" badges and communicators, and extra happy with the Tribbles  I ordered from Think Geek. These little guys vibrate around the floor and make "tribblie" noises when you pat them... or throw them at your brother. (Oh... I'm sorry... "Fluffball" was just trying to get away from the Klingons I'm told.)
          The best part of having Tribbles in the family is watching Romyn geek out when people ask him about his ".....uh, what have you got there?" and that totally awkward moment when he informs them that "'s so crazy because they are borned pregnant!"
          Mommy just waves her hand dismissively and says "Eh... you know...Trekkie stuff." I love my little nerds!
          Hope you're all having a great weekend! Today the boys and I finished the 2nd Harry Potter book, and saw Wreck it Ralph, which was good, but I especially loved the intro short "Paperman". (LOVED.) We think you should all check it out. -Kendra

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