Thursday, August 1, 2013

H&M Online Shop Now Open!

           I'm pretty, flipping, excited about today's grand opening of H&M's online retail store! H&M is one of my very favorite shops, especially for children's clothes. Their wears are unique, long lasting, fit great and most importantly... SUPER AFFORDABLE! (My boy's H&M duds always attract loads of compliments.)
           I tried to be strong today, just popping online to window shop... but of course my cart quickly filled up. (Be strong... remove.... STRONGER... remove, remove, remove... sniffle.) I'm already regretting not ordering that creepy/cute kitty face cushion cover. (Did I mention the online store has home wears!?) I did order a new tunic top for myself (You can never have too many black tunic tops!) and two sweatshirts for my boys.
           If it's your first time ordering from H&M you should know their children's apparel often fits long, and lean (but super comfy and stretchy) so if you have a husky child, order up a size.  

            We are planning a December Disney vacation, soooo.... I needed these sweatshirts right? And I neeeeeeded that tunic too, because a little birdie told me I am getting these SWEET leggings as an upcoming anniversary gift from the hubby. (11 years! Sigh. <3 )
   Maleficent is my favorite, if she is yours too, you can snag a pair from Hot Topic.  
So, to wrap it up, H&M online.... exciting. Future Disney vacation... also mega exciting! And an online coupon code for 25% off your most expensive item from H&M (0241)... pretty super exciting!
Happy shopping! -Kendra 

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