Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sometimes a little stormy weather can shake things up for the better. (And sometimes it's raining velociraptors, depends how you look at things.)

This year…. Oh, my…. Gosh… this year has been crazy.
I’m sure it happens to you too; you look back and say to yourself, “Whew. That was crazy!”, only to look forward, and realize, it was all just the calm before the storm.  AHHHHH!

Long story short, Hubby has hit HYT (High Year Tenor) with the USAF, and after 20 amazing years we are saying goodbye to military life. I, who have lived my entire life as an active duty dependent, am particularly freaked out. But don’t worry, I’ve finally pulled myself out of a shivering fetal position and am now looking at our families coming transition as an adventure.  The big, fat, scary as all get out, Law Family adventure.

Part of this separation process means we must sell our home of 5 years… a little sooner than expected, and for a lot less than expected. Which means we are facing a short sale.  Oh, sorry, I mean a “Short Sale Adventure. “ 
I’ll have a lot to talk about in the coming weeks and months, there are so many changes and challenges coming our way, I’m looking forward to conquering them. Crushing them! Stampeding through them!  Step one…. Sell the house. We were lucky enough to get an offer this week, and are officially under contract RIGHT now! (YES!) Of course, I’m told a short sale can take up to 6 months (bites nails) and our buyers can walk away at any point (cold sweat) and …(plugs ears). You know, I’m gona just look at this as a win for right now, thank you very much. WIN!  (Fingers crossed.)

Whelp, that's the quick of it. Three Cheers for Adventures! (Right?) <3 Kendra


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    1. Totally understandable! :-) Everything is better with dinosaurs right?