Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easy Galaxy Jeans D.I.Y

  To boldly go where no jeans have gone before!
      Galaxy print is awesome. I love it! Sadly, shopping around for it I haven't had any luck finding something in my size, or really within my budget. (Also, I don't do leggings.) There are a few Galaxy print D.I.Ys you can find online, but most of them are for bleached tees, or painted leggings or jeans. I personally thought that a bleach and tie-dye combo would give me the look I wanted, and thought I would try it out. Here is my first attempt.
 After twist tying a few "galaxies" into my jeans I used a paint brush to apply pure bleach. (In the future I will water it down.)  I very quickly cut them free and added some bleach splatters, swirls and star shapes with a smaller brush. (Front and back.) Next the jeans went into the washing machine.
 Once washed I followed the directions on a pack of purple fabric dye. The package warned me that it  may not take to bleached areas, but I didn't have a problem. To give the jeans a spacey, ombre, look I soaked the leg bottoms in the dye a few hours longer then the rest.
  I also tried out a salt resist technique over the dye, which should have added a neat "bloom" finish, but despite letting it sit over night it didn't seem to take. (Or maybe it did, but I can't see the results through the grain of the denim?) I'll skip that trick on the next pair. So after letting the dye set over night, the jeans went back through the washer and dryer, and received another splattering, swirling, and painting on of bleached stars. Again, work fast, then pop right back into the washing machine. I am afraid this project wastes a lot of water. Sorry! But look at those great results!  

That's it! It's as easy as tie-dying!  I wore them over to visit my parents last weekend and I tried to show them off to my Mom.
"See.... I splattered on stars... and added a swirl for like a galaxy, then I painted this little star burst...."
"So you tie-dyed them."
"No Mom... I galaxy dyed them. Don't you get it? It's a galaxy."
"Just because you put the word galaxy in front of it doesn't make it something new! I was GAAAALAAAAXY dying jeans before you were born!"
"Soooo.... you don't think these look like space? Should I bedazzle them too?'
"Now you're thinking."

Yes.... I am. They could use a little extra sparkle don't you think? - Kendra