Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New B.A.I.T shoes and purple hair!

           So I got the new shoes I won from B.A.I.T footwear's "I wear pretty shoes" March style challenge, and I looooooove them! I wore them all Saturday while shopping in Richmond and they were very comfy and fit true to size. Here I am showing off my new kicks aaaaaaand.... my new hair! I was tired of growing out last summer's blond highlights, so I figured I'd just cover them up with my most favorite hair color of all, PURPLE! I dyed my hair purple all through high school, so I told my husband it truly makes me look at least ten years younger. (Disclaimer, I will be turning 30 next month, and I am totally comfortable admitting that celebrating by dying my hair my all time favorite color and claiming it makes me look ten years younger does seem a little pre-midlife-crisis-ish. I am O.K. with this... my purple hair makes me deliriously happy.) You know what else makes me look younger? Photos of me channeling angsty teenage Kendra, looking terribly annoyed, and rolling my eyes at my camera challenged husband. Awful. Sometimes I think he spends extra time messing with the settings just so he can get more shots of me looking catty. (Maybe one day I will surprise him with a scrapbook full of these! :-p)

         Is anyone else contemplating a crazy hair color for summer? Even temporally? I've been surfing Pinterest and crushing hard on all the rainbow hair I've seen there lately. I realized there wasn't a reason I couldn't dye my hair purple! I had stopped coloring my hair rainbow when I got my first "grownup" job, and then I stopped dying my hair Dr. Pepper red during my pregnancies and nursing years. Well, I am no longer pregnant, and at least until Baelin starts school I am still a SAHM, so really my 30th year might be the last that I can get away with purple hair! I am running with it.
           Today at the playground I had a little gaggle of elementary aged girls gather behind the bench I occupied.
            "Shhhh-shhhh-shhh... see? It's all purple and pink like a fairy's!"
            "So many colors!" A brave preschooler mumbles as she pops around the front of the bench, "You have colorful hair."
              "Why yes I do."
              "It's pretty."
              "Thank you so much!"
               "I see pink and purple and grey."
               "Eh? Oh no....I think you mean brown!"
               (Gasps are heard from the slightly older girls in the group.) "You don't tell a lady she has grey hair!"
               "Well if I am being honest there are a few greys up there, but I just pretend they are sparkles."
                "I don't see them at all!"
                 (I stifle the urge to tell this older child that she is my favorite.)

                 Here's what I used, Paint Box by Fudge . It's actually the same brand I used way back in high school, though I normally used Blueberry Hill instead of Purple Haze. (Purple Haze fades a whole lot faster.)
                 Alright, I am done showing off for now. Don't forget to like B.A.I.T. shoes on Facebook if you're interested in entering this months style challenge!
                 Until next time- Kendra


  1. I'm glad you are ruining your own towels now as you dye your beautiful hair!! Love, Your momma.