Friday, April 6, 2012

Silk Tie Dyed Eggs- I saw it, and tried it.

            I first spotted this amazing trick on Our Best Bites and it seemed too magical to be true! Can you really dye amazing Easter eggs with a handful of old silk ties!? Like....really? After Martha Stewart confirmed it I was off and running to the thrifts, clamouring for unique silk ties! (Martha said I could use silk boxers too, but that wasn't anything I was interested in buying second hand.... let alone wrapping food in! Ew!)

         So here's how you do it....

-You need some 100% printed silk fabric. Get it from an old blouse, or a thrifted men's tie. Chop your fabric up into "egg wrapable size" squares.
-Wrap and tie the fabric around the uncooked egg with the printed side down.
-Double wrap and tie the egg in another cotton fabric square. All the online tutorials said to use a light colored fabric but I only had an old blue tee. Luckily I didn't notice any ill effects from it.
-Put the bundles into a pot and cover with water. I boiled mine about 17 minutes and they turned out perfect.... but you should go with what your heart tells you! We all have our own ways to boil eggs don't we?
-Drain the pot and wait till the eggs are cool to unwrap. (Can't wait till they are cool? Then cover them in ice!)
-Be amazed by your newest egg dying trick!
                    Since the boys were only able to help minimally with the crafting of these Easter eggs I thought I would involve them more by asking them to add temporary tattoos to the eggs. (Another little trick I spotted on Pinterest.) Unfortunately the tattoos I had in the house were leftovers from Romyn's potty training days and really were not in the usable condition any more. (Ops!) A few smashed eggs and grumpy boys later we gave up and decided to eat them instead.
                     I'm gonna say over all this project was a win. The boys were amazed, I was amazed, and I think we'll have have fun hunting for neat ties and matching tattoos for next years eggs. It's always nice to have something to look forward to isn't it?
Happy Easter!- Kendra

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