Saturday, February 4, 2012

My fridge says "Welcome".

The first time I visit a new home I love to check out the fridge. I feel like you can tell a lot about a family by what they’ve got displayed on their refrigerator doors.  Are my new friends freakishly organized with meal plans and agendas proudly showcased? Or maybe they are social butterflies, with lots of invites and photos on exhibit?  I have friends whose fridges are covered with inches of paper and those who prefer a quite nude icebox. Personally, before I had the boys, every inch of my refrigerator was covered with my massive magnet collection. Perhaps it was happy memories of my grandmother’s kitchen and my adoration of  her vintage state and cute googly eyed butterfly magnets which inspired me to start collecting. Possibly a little of that, and possibly that I figured a great way to decorate military housing (in which you can’t paint) was to have a rainbow mosaic of awesomeness in my kitchen. Actually my original collection wasn’t confined only to the fridge, our amazing apartment in Germany had metal doors, and my magnets were allowed to roam freely about our home. With so much space for magnets I was even inspired to customize my own. Any time I spied those large magnetic calendars I’d grab extras so that I could slap on some Hot Topic stickers. (Just cut around the sticker and TA-DA, you have a new Invader Zim magnet!)
 Unfortunately for my collection, once baby Romyn came along all the tasty, bite sized magnets had to go. Soon after all those he could reach were hidden away too. (The daily "pick up a million magnets" game wasn't very fun for Mommy.) Quickly all that was left of my once proud collection was what fit on the freezer door. (I actually couldn’t get rid of all those magnets so I kept the extras in two happy meal boxes on top of my fridge and just swapped them around as it suited me.) Now that my boys are older, Romyn is five and Baelin has just turned four, eating magnets isn’t really something that worries me. It ends up though, that most of my magnets are still in a happy meal box atop of the fridge. (And on my washer and dryer because I've got a lot of magnets.) Many still grace the top half of the fridge, but the bottom half has been pirated away by the boys. It’s loaded with drawings of ninjas, sticker collages and photos from our last Disney trip.  I guess that I am alright with sharing, after all it still has the same rainbow mosaic feel I loved about it so many years ago. When visitors come to my house the fridge is definitely a conversation starter and I really like it that way. I hope it shouts that the family who lives here is fun, creative and happy. (And maybe not too unorganized.)
Today I thought you might enjoy a little peek at my freezer door! I have a lot of family photos, some magnets made out of vintage bingo pieces, tiny works of art from Romyn, and a Disney post card from my parents up there. It all really suits us. Is there one thing you always have on your refrigerator? (I think I always have a little of everything!)
  Until next time! - Kendra

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