Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A little bird....

            One of my best friends, Christie, just celebrated her first wedding anniversary. I have been so excited to find her the perfect gift. Of course, in my mind the perfect gift is something I get to paint and glitter. (Maybe including a gift card if I have a crafting fail.) Originally I just planned on making a little personalized bowl for her dresser. I was really inspired by this one at Curbly, and here’s how mine turned out.

          I used stamps for the couple’s initials and I think it's pretty nice. It did look a little lonely in it's gift box though. Then I remembered that Chris told me she was sad no one had  gifted her a “First Christmas” ornament. I said that I thought a Christmas ornament was something the couple normally purchased for themselves. Unfortunately by the time she realized this it was slim pickings and she couldn’t find one she liked. I thought of making a first Christmas ornament, but wondered if it lost it’s magic if it didn’t hang on one’s first Christmas tree. I figured the next best thing would be a First Anniversary ornament!  This little blue bird was inspired by Christie’s wedding invitations which featured little blue birds and tiny glitter hearts. (I remember, because I made them!) This guy turned out so cute I think I am going to have to make another for myself. Mine may just sit on a wire so I can stick him in a potted plant. Maybe one could be an ornament for an Easter tree? He might like hanging out under a bird house. I am not sure yet, I just know I want a little bird.    

 It’s very easy if you would like one too. I used artist air dry modeling clay that I picked up from Michael’s. (You could also use the Crayola stuff.) I molded the shape of a bird and then pushed the folded wire through. Make sure you twist the loop at the top of the wire first and hold the “legs” together as you guide them through the body.  Pull the new legs apart a bit once you’ve got them in your figure, you can touch up any damage you’ve done with a bit more clay. Then I used pliers to shape the bird's feet.  I knew that my bird was going to hold a banner, so I made the feet little loops that I could pinch closed once I had the banner in place. Do all this fiddling before you let your sculpture dry overnight. You don’t want to put any stress on the figure and crack it!  I decorated the bird with acrylic paint, a black paint pen for details, and a sparkly glitter heart.  It’s sealed up with glossy Mod Podge. All you need for the banner is a scrap of paper bag you’ve painted on both sides, more paint pen and seal it again with Podge. Ta-Da! I hope that it finds a happy home on their Christmas tree for years to come!

Since I had the clay out already, I made a few other goodies that I will post shortly. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. ooohhhh..... i loooove pablos sister!
    and the bird. love the bird.
    Not as much as my owl. but love it.
    Owl still has no name, because perfect one has not been found. and it HAS to be perfect...
    so, what does one name an owl?

  2. I dont know! But I will be posting your little owl this week.... so many I shall ask! (Is the owl a boy or girl do you think?)