Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun with clay.

As I mentioned in my "little bird" post I had some fun with clay this month. I only planned on making a little bowl, but as I was  tempted by the possibilities of clay, I couldn't just stop there. For my friend Julia I made the little owl above. He sits on a wire and now lives happily in a sunny potted plant in her home. I made him the same way I did the little bird ornament, with air dry artist clay and acrylic paint.
Next I made a few mushrooms. Everybody loves a happy red mushroom right? Those small ones were made into magnets which I later sent out as gifts. (The two big ones I have greedily kept for myself.)
Last I made a few tiny glittery hearts. A few were made into magnets and a few are now pins.
 I cracked all these trinkets out during one long lazy afternoon in front of the TV. I really love playing around with clay, it's creatively satisfying and  you can get a lot of bang for your buck. (And I get to share my little creations with friends.) Can't think of anything to sculpt? There is no shortage of inspiration on Pinterest, just stay focused in that sea of creative insanity, or you may spend all day there instead of with your clay!
Happy Crafting everyone!

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