Monday, February 6, 2012

Little doomed glitter boots....

At this point I have glittered messes of shoes. I feel like I am sort of an expert. I've glittered canvas shoes, satin shoes, plastic shoes, and even suede shoes with great success. But I made a mistake with these boots and I am a little ashamed to admit it. (I’m worried someone might swoop in and steal away my "sparkle queen" badge.)

After seeing this Color Blocked Shoe D.I.Y. on A Beautiful Mess I was dying to find some boots to make over. Originally when I grabbed these up at Goodwill I thought to paint them silver with black scallop details….. but I then had an attack of the glitters. It's usually not a good thing when I change my mind mid project. It usually means I will miss something...... like that these shoes are leather.....   annnnnnd I probably am going to need to prep them in some way to ensure the glitter sticks. I thought briefly about sanding them, but I already had a paint brush loaded with mod podge in hand, and mod podge had never let me down before! NEVER! Upon finishing my last coat of glitter however, I could tell that I was at least going to have some problems with crackling. (They are more pliable than any other heel I had be-sparkled before, and there were cracks right away.) I decided it would be smart to keep a bag of the custom glitter mix handy for touch ups. Also that it would be wise to wear them on a short outing just to test their resilience. So boots and I headed to Baelin’s preschool birthday party... boots were a huge hit among the 3 year old girl set...and they made it out of the preschool madness in one piece. I now have false hope that they will make it through a Tool concert. My shoes are DOOMED!

So here we are, boots and I, moments before we go to rock out at Tool. (Mental note made to power wash the patio come spring.) I am looking a bit more "momish" then I would like, but as some moms do I am sort of living in that sweater dress at the moment. (Which was a steal from TJMax.) If only I knew then that my boots would not be able to handle all the amazingness a Tool concert can offer.
           Here they are after...
       I’ve learnt that I stomp my feet during concerts like I am at some high school football game. There are so many chips... and loads of sad cracks. Not really something I can just to touch up as I expect these boots would continue to break my heart even if I did. Maybe they are just sad that I didn't paint them silver. Their little hearts must have been set on black scalloped details. (Fine then boots, we’ll do it your way.)  Back they go into my project pile and after I have peeled off all the glitter I will paint them. It does hurt a little bit to see all that glitter go to waste.  (Sigh, lesson learned.) I'll post their makeover when I have finished, and I am sure that the boots are happy with their new look.
     Does anyone else have any other tales of sad D.I.Y. disappointments? Sometimes I just work too fast for my own good.
Until next time. - Kendra

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