Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentines + vellum = cute!

            I am so far behind on Valentine projects this year. Between the boys and I this house has been sick for almost three weeks and it has been far from fun. Yesterday Romyn was home sick from school and I thought it would be nice for us to camp out in front of the TV and get caught up on some Valentine cards. I love children’s valentine packs, especially the sort that comes in perforated sheets! Unfortunately those do not come with envelopes for mailing. Last year I solved that problem with cute little store bought envelopes and sent over 40 cards out to friends and family. This year.... I realized I was out of little envelopes and the thought of stuffing my little valentines into legal envelopes bummed me out. Not at all in the mood to drag sick boys out to hunt for envelopes I went digging through my old scrapbook supplies and came across some vellum. EXCITEMENT! The thought of my little valentines peeking out of colorful mailers during their journey made me very happy. So the boys and I set to work. I did not bother with a pattern, because I have so many different shaped cards, I just folded them over and taped them up with pretty paper tape. (You can find some here at Happy Tape.) We even stuffed a few with confetti and used sticker labels for the addresses. (Make sure you don’t make your envelopes so small that they’ll get lost at the post office.) Romyn had so much fun with this project that he decided to make tiny cards for his favorite Pokémon. (Cute!) Baelin insisted that all his envelopes be green, which is his very favorite color. (That’s his cute face in the pictures today; Romyn informed me he was too “sick” to pose.) Eh… speaking of sick I wonder if I shouldn’t have stuck little heart shaped hazmat warnings on these cards? “The CDC recommends washing your hands after enjoying this token of affection.” (Apologies loved ones!)
     *Off topic- in some spare moments I have been surfing the Internet for Photoshop tips and demos. (I could use a lot of help!)  I’ve made magic with these photos and this demo from Pugly Pixel. Katrina’s blog has been a lot of help and I have a feeling I am going to have to buy her a coffee. (Thank you Pugly Pixel!)
Best wishes everyone! -Kendra

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