Monday, February 27, 2012

Jackalope Love! (And a few tips on flocking with glitter.)

Here are my flocked Jackalope shoes! They are so cute and I am just crazy about them!
I'll keep this short folks, as I have already talked flock in my Bat Heels post. I will just feature a few tips for flocking with glitter which I had left out eailer. 

         *Another thing I've found is that pressing down the flocking into the glue helped me keep the coverage even.

              I will also say that I've noticed a real variety in the quality of  flocking I've collected. On my Bat shoes I used Martha Stewart's flock, which was loose, very fine, and had no clumps. For these jackalopes, I tried out the Micheal's brand, which was full of clumps and very coarse, I was unable to smooth it out. This quality issue lead to my Jack looking a bit lumpy. I've just recently practiced another flocking project, this time on paper,  using plain old Elmer's glue, and Martha's flocking again, and it turned out great. I will stick with Martha's in the future.
             Later I will post the outfit I wore with my sparkly Jackalope shoes. I do really hate posing for photos, you'd think a girl who has seen every episode of Top Model could do something in front of a camera but nope.... I am hopeless. I like to dress up though, so I will keep at it.

Keep it sparkly! - Kendra


  1. A cuter, less ferocious, American version anyway. :-) (I do sort of wish now that my Jackalope could fly.)