Friday, February 24, 2012

Some fun with Sharpies.

My mother found this little tin pail at Goodwill for a dollar. Check out what a perfect blank canvas it is! We could have turned it into a personalized lunch box, or maybe a spy kit. If I had a little girl I might have made it into the glittery jewelry box of my.... I mean her.... dreams.
When I asked Baelin what he thought I should do with it he suggested I draw a cat.
"Lots of cats."
 I suggested that he draw the  cats instead. 
"I don't know how."
Well that doesn't seem like a very superhero thing to say. We thought it might be a good idea to practice drawing a few until "Super Green Man" acquired the power to depict such creatures. I found a thrifted art book which featured our desired subject, sharpened some pencils, and we created a kitty army. (Both B and I were much impressed by his cat creating talents. It seems you can do anything if you're wearing a cape!) While he continued with the paper and pencils, I pulled out my Sharpies and started to prep the tin with a colorful frame. I love my kids doodles, and thought this might be a great way to showcase them.  Each boy got to decorate one side of the tin, I drew rainbow polka dots on the sides, and we all had nice afternoon working on it together and chatting about our creation. Romyn decided to go abstract, with a "Train, machine, sorta thing" he titled "Art Piece." Baelin stuck with cats, drawing a sleeping cat with wet whiskers. His cat is portrayed shooting radio signal "meows" from one of his three stomachs which only other cats can hear.
Deciding we could not keep such an amazing treasure to ourselves, we re gifted it back to my mother. Really though, it is a great idea for a grandparent gift. It's functional kid art! If you had a painted white box or plain tin from an art and craft store, or something that you were lucky enough to have thrifted, letting your little ones go Sharpie crazy is a great way to make a unique gift. Mother's day seems right around the corner doesn't it?
If you're hesitant about handing over permanent markers to toddlers, you could always let them use colored pencils, then trace over their handiwork with the Sharpies.
There you have it. Fun with Sharpies, and the only art project we've done all month that hasn't required massive clean up. (Which is a nice change!)
Have an awsome day everybody!

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