Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cat shoes and the joys of hot glue.

Baelin is a unique boy who loves cats. Loving cats doesn’t make him unique, but perhaps the fact that he doesn’t mind that cat themed merchandise is mostly pink does. If it has a cat, he has to have it. He’ll happily stomp around in a superman raincoat and pink kitten boots any day. Now Baelin doesn’t seem to mind all the pink and purple, but, he is a green loving, fighter jet chasing, monster truck crashing, kitty loving, four year old boy’s boy and I just don’t know how much longer he’ll tolerate all this sparkle with his kittens. Honestly finding anything “catty” that’s not purple glitter or tie-dye feels like winning the lottery. Not wanting to see his love of all things feline eventually discouraged, whenever I can cat-customize something more to his tastes, I do.   
                I found these green slide on shoes this week at Kmart for $7.99- a bargain! Inspired to refashion them I whipped out my stash of felt and spent thirty minutes transforming them into cat shoes. I am pretty keen on felt and hot glue, and do not mind one bit spending an afternoon customizing t-shirts or tote bags for the family. Sometimes I’ll use the sewing machine, I wouldn’t say I can sew though, but I can “craft” with the thing. The instant gratification that hot glue rewards me with however usually wins out over sewing. (It’s just so darn quick and easy!) Romyn of course needed new shoes too, and requested that his showcase blue dogs. He wanted his upside down so they would always be looking up at him. (Yes, they look a bit like rabbits, but they're hanging upside down! And Ro doesn't seem to mind.)

                I’ve included photos of a few other articles I have recently tortured with my glue gun. The totes are from the L.L.Bean Outlet store, they were personalized and then rejected. After gluing some characters over the monograms they are now perfect for lugging supplies to school or toys to the park. Unique totes make my unique boys happy. And unique “granny style” thrifted purses make me happy. I just stitched on some pom-poms and glued on a happy little cloud for an instant cuteness upgrade!  Anyone can win with hot glue!
Happy Crafting Everyone- Kendra

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