Friday, March 16, 2012

Today I played dress up! (My B.A.I.T. footwear contest entries.)

             I loooooove shoes. I really love to shop for shoes, but usually my pocket book doesn’t allow me to indulge. Well, when I can't shop, I settle instead for shoe-window-shopping. I recently discovered B.A.I.T. Footwear and it’s become one of my favorite “drool over” brands. Many of their upcoming spring looks are on my birthday wish-list. (Just in case anyone was wondering what to get me!)  
When the B.A.I.T. blog announced their "I Wear Pretty Shoes" Giveaway Contest I was giddy with excitement! Shoes!? Possibly given to me!? Yes! Every month for the next year B.A.I.T. will share a shoe on their Facebook page, and all you have to do is submit pictures of outfits you'd wear them with to win! Sounds fun right? I eagerly awaited the first posting.... hoping for one of my favorites styles.... and… first up is.... DARLA! (In Fuchsia.)
Now I am excited to see Darla, though maybe not the color. Despite being almost 30 I have only just recently welcomed pink into my's still, new. (In the past 3 months I've adopted a pink cape, pink tights, nail polish and even pink lipstick. That’s a big deal for a previously pink-less life.) I am a little intimidated by Fuchsia Darla. I double check the rules to make sure I can’t instead choose the yellow or turquoise version. Nope. Ok…. Pink.
Maybe I can do this, think Power Pink! I briefly peek through my closet. (Meh.) The postman brings me the new Boden catalog and I pick out everything I’d wear with Darla…. of course none of this is in my closet. Feeling a little disheartened I briefly contemplate heading to the mall, but thankfully my better sense reminds me buying an outfit for shoes I don’t own is kinda silly. (Sigh.) Thinking I might just wait to see next month’s style, I remember a dress I recently picked up from Target. (Buried and forgotten in the closet, I remembered when I saw Mrs. Elsie wearing it in her “Sister Style” post on her blog A Beautiful Mess.) Hey, I’ve got that dress! (And it's pinkish!) Alright Darla, game on! So after refocusing and “shopping my closet” thoroughly I've put together four looks which I'm really happy with, and would wear with Darla… in Fuchsia! I feel like a big girl now that I’ve conquered that scary pink dragon.
Is this a contest you would enter? It really was fun just taking time out and playing dress up today. Even though I hate fighting with my cell for decent pictures, and I made a huge mess of my room. (Thank you to dear Kati for allowing me to besiege you with many texts of me, looking silly.) My friend Kati challenged me to submit outfits for every B.A.I.T. shoe post this year, but I am not sure I'd be able to keep up monthly. (Maybe though.) I’ll post future entries on HappyWord’s Facebook page. It would be great to play along with all of you as well!
Best Wishes Friends! -Kendra
1- Skirt, Khols. Flower shirt- thrifted. Lace shirt- (old) Old Navy
2- Jeans- thrifted. Shirt- H&M
3- Dress and Belt- Target. Sweater- Torrid.
4- Here I just threw the skirt from outfit 1 over outfit 3.

            P.S- I had a laugh this afternoon. I had hurriedly thrown outfit 2 on in the middle of my dress up session so I could pick the boy up from school. Getting into the car I realized I was wearing PINK SHOES! Oh-My-Gosh! I can't believe all the grief I gave myself over Darla when I've had a pretty pink pair for years. These "baby doll" Crocs where picked up from an outlet for two bucks ages ago! It was the only color there, and despite their pinkness I couldn't pass up such a deal! They are my quick go-to's and I wear them out even though they never match anything I've got on. Is it weird that I wear them weekly with jeans and they never once crossed my mind during this whole Darla challenge? Probably.

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