Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Chickie Easter Craft.

             Now that spring’s here it’s time to pull out all my flowery and sunny home accessories! We have obscene amounts of holiday decorations, boxes and boxes for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even for birthdays! But I realized I don’t have much specifically for Easter. All I have is my mother’s old ceramic green ware bunny jar, and a vintage Crayola rabbit. The house is already filled with bright colors, so buying flowers, shuffling around milk glass and setting out dyed eggs usually feels festive enough. This year though, I want a little more. The weather has been so gorgeous, it just really feels “springy”. I want to celebrate open windows, blooming flowers, baby lambs, and all that jazz. I’m in the mood for a mini Easter project.
I’ve had some white painted sticks in the boy’s playroom since Christmas; they’ve been collecting key chains, and dust since, so I thought it would be nice to repurpose them into a spring time center piece for our dining room. An Easter tree seemed pretty logical and I thought the boys could have fun adding some eggs or flowers to the branches. They were not as interested as I expected however… deciding quickly after we started painting the sticks that they would rather practice their “ninja moves” and climb the trees like “super-kitty-boys”. I guess they’ve come down with a case of Spring Fever.
                 The next day while shopping at World Market for Easter basket filler, I stumbled across a display of fuzzy chicks. They came in various sizes, colors, and themes, like chickens, bunnies, and cuteness. I didn’t realize till my basket was overflowing that they were five dollars a box… and I had maybe fifty bucks worth of chicks who thought they were coming home with me. (Sad face.) I apologized to them as I put them back, and searched the table for a variety pack. (None!) I can’t justify spending that much on chicks, though I did think if I had lots I could make a chickie wreath for  the front door. (Adorable, but still unjustifiable.) I stood there and grumbled for a bit. I often wonder how I look at moments like that…. first squealing and frantically tossing chicks into my basket, then freezing while I poorly do some math in my head… (My husband says my “math face” is pretty tragic.) talking to the boxes as I gloomy dump them back on the table… and next angrily digging through them all searching for that one possible mixed box. Honestly, crazed right? Well, I am not crazed… I am thinking. Thinking I want to do something with these chicks… and when I realize what I want to do is to glue them onto my Easter tree, I think that a rainbow of chickies is better than just yellow chicks! Maybe I am a little crazed… I am throwing a mental temper tantrum over fluffy baby chickens. I am going to blame that on Spring Fever too. Eventually I have a vision of a chick in a top hat with monocle and decide I can just settle on a pack of classic yellow. I’ll try to personalize them at home.
 Romyn was very excited to see the box of chicks and begged to play with them. It seems he’s had a tiny chick in his treasure box since last Easter and he joyfully brought it down to join the others. It’s a bit matted, like he’s loved on it. (Romyn requested its new home be a nest in our tree. So I made one.) We discovered these World Market chicks are craft- quality but not quite play-with-quality, they broke apart in Ro’s rough five-year-old hands. This was traumatizing for the boy, but I was able to play doctor and glue them back together. I used hot glue to customize and attach them to the branches of our center piece, so the boys couldn’t actively help with the construction. Instead they enjoyed telling me all about the hobbies and lifestyles of our chicks, naming them, and bringing me more toys to add to their “tree house”. Inspired by our time painting sticks outside we added a kitty chickie (who likes to climb trees) and a ninja chickie. (Ninja chick tradded his sword off of a Ninjago Lego man for two jelly beans.) If you have older children you could probably personalize chicks with small amounts Elmer’s glue. It all depends on your patience levels. As I mentioned, we’re suffering from Spring Fever, so I knew glue + chicks + boys = bad idea. (I used scrap felt, ribbon, and paper to style our chicks.)
Well, you can see how cute it turned out. We have enjoyed our new chickie friends. The boys like to make up stories about their sorted little lives, occasionally shouting “LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU NINJA CHICKIE!” and adding more paper flags to the branches. It’s gotten pretty crowded since I took these pictures actually. Even now it is surrounded by dinosaurs. Romyn’s even asked if I can glue a set of chicks to the back of his brontosaurus… I am thinking on it.
Happy First Day of Spring!!! -Kendra
*P.S.- We know baby chicken's don't really live in trees, or at least the boys do now, after they thought they could perhaps search for some in the bushes of our yard.

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