Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A touch of paint....

                  Thrift shopping this week I picked up a few items which will be needing a bit of work. We're talking color... like paint... loads of paint.  I love having a project to keep me busy, but I am afraid my new thrifted finds are going to have to wait a bit. I've got a few skirts I'm going to work on, a doll to craft for a baby shower, and a lot of spring cleaning to catch up on first. (Not just a lot.....but a LOT of spring cleaning.) Putting off projects doesn't make me very happy, but at least it will give me time to contemplate colors and patterns, and I've put off vacuuming behind the couch long enough. While I was thinking ahead to those future projects, I thought I would show you some that I worked on last summer.... please take a peek!
                I know it might break some of your hearts to see me repainting cute vintage finds.... but.... truly, Mr. Owl told me he is soooo much happier now that he's all fancied up! Excuse the cell phone pictures.... originally the flower wall hanging was simply metal, but I am again caught without a true before photo. (You trust me it's much better now right? Gunmetal flowers are not delightful!)
                Does anyone else love to repaint? Furniture, ugly owls, velvet wall art? When I shop second hand I'm always thinking how I can give my buys a new look, be it by brush, spray paint, or glitter. Ooooh, I just love makeovers!
               I'll have more, newer, repainted goodness coming soon, and I hope you'll be inspired to pull your own paint brushes out too! Till next time- Kendra


  1. I'm really loving Mr. Owl!!

    1. Thank you! I am looking for another- it seems like he should be a set doesn't it? :-)