Thursday, March 8, 2012

A few happy things from this week....

 I'm pretty easy to please, so many little things make me happy!
Spotting bright ugly sweaters at the thrift.
(If that v-neck one is still there next visit I might have to get it!)
Like our first visit from the tooth fairy, and boys with lovies.
Like bringing flowers in from the garden and Quidjit, our smelly little dog. (Cutie Quidjiggy-Quid!)
Like finding vintage bow-ties at the thrift store for a quarter each! We love bow ties! Romyn will even wear them to school with t-shirts when he is feeling "fancy".
Like ice cream dinners, sunshine, library books and new music on my Ipod. Happy, happy, happy! I'm going to focus on all these great things today so that I don't stop to think about how fast my baby boy is growing up. (OOOOOOOH a lost tooth!!) Romyn told me last night that he was officially a big boy now, and I should start always calling him that. (Sniffle.) Hey! Let's look at that great sweater up there again shall we?
Have a happy day!

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