Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The PINKEST of all the capes!

I set a goal last fall to find my dream cape. I’m pretty sure in my dreams this cape was crafted of the finest crushed blue velvet, with cream colored pompoms, vintage pearl buttons, and a peter pan collar. The lining had rainbow polka dots and it granted the wearer any three wishes. (It was also under forty-five dollars.) I hunted all fall and winter long, but it seemed none were foolish enough to pass on such an incredible cape. Honestly, I had trouble finding any capes at my favorite thrift shops. I came across a pom-pommy faux fur number, but really it was more of a shrug than caplet. (And it was awful.)  Once I found an amazing hunter green, hooded, wool cape. It was made in Ireland, and right at my price cap. Elated, I threw it on and went down the aisles searching for my mother.  (Almost tripping over the hem.)
“A CAPE!!” I declare “I found a cape!”
“Yes you did.” My mother raises her eyebrows…
“It’s kinda long.” I consider, swishing it to and fro. “Do I look like a witch?”
“Yes you do.”
“Maybe I could have it altered?” I reason. “So that it comes to my knees?”
“And you’d pay another forty-five for that at least.” Good point mom.
“Hrm, I’m going to think about it.” And I stalk off in the cloak.  I sort of felt crazy walking around in the thing…. I’ll bet I looked crazy too. (But test driving capes is very important!)  The cape was too long, too majestic, and even too inspiring… like I ought to have a wand in hand…. or maybe a staff. It was very tempting to shout “THOU SHALL NOT PASS!!” at oncoming thrifters. I decided this was not the cape for me. It was too luxurious to alter, and I was pretty sure that someone out there was dreaming of this cape, and wearing it to Dragon Con, so I left it right where they could see it.
“Decide against the cape?” mom asks.
 (Sniffle) “Yah….”
 “Don’t worry, you’ll find it.”
Fast forward to almost spring. (ALMOST SPRING!) There’s a booth in the Williamsburg Antique Mall with a little collection of clothes. Usually it’s stocked with wonderfully bad 80s prom dresses and fur coats. Strolling through with Mom again something bright pink catches my eye.
“Wow” says my mother as I pull a corner of it out, “that is really pink!”
 “Ha! Like super pink! Do you think it’s a pea coat?” I ask pulling it out… GASP! “MOM! It’s…. a…. CAPE!” 
                It’s amazing how quickly your dreams can turn from the imaginable to the tangible in an instant. “It’s my DREAM cape!”
“You hate pink.” Mom reminds me.
“Not this pink I don’t.” And I don’t…. it’s so pink…. so very super pink. How can I not like this pink!? I mean, it is pink in cape form!
“I need this…” I say as I flip it on and fumble for the price tag…… eighty-five bucks. Eh…. Just a little out of my desired price range, and more than I could afford until next payday. My helpful mother, who had just been gushing over the pink dream cape, immediately and responsibly switches tactics.
“Look, it has ink stains on the front.” (It does) “You’re going to find another one cheaper.” (I won’t.) “This one is a little too long….” (Meh, it’s pretty close to perfect.) “And you don’t like pink.” (I’ve decided I like power pink.)
I shrug off the cape and peek at the label. It’s vintage and it’s custom made. There is only one power pink cape like this in the whole wide world.
“I guess I am going to have to think about it.” I tell mom, hiding it the best I can between the furs and tulle shirts. Power pink is pretty hard to disguise.
“That’s good, you know it’s been so hot lately you wouldn't even be able to wear it till next year.”
“I’ll be back for you….” I whisper to my cape.
I’m sure the pictures ruined the ending for you, but in case you’re on the edge of your seat I did go back for the cape. It was three looooooong days waiting till payday, explaining to my husband how badly I neeeeeeeeded it, spent scouring eBay and Etsy for alternatives, and dreaming of bright pink capes and riding unicorns.
When I got it home I showed it off to my boys… “Mommy’s found a cape!”
“It doesn’t look like a cape.”
“Of course it’s a cape!”
“Maybe if you had a mask.” (Eye roll)
Alright silly boys, I suppose a pink cape would need a sparkly pink mask, so I quickly flocked one I had laying around and storm their cardboard box fort. It’s not exactly how I expected to break in my new cape but I’ll roll with it.  The mask took the brunt of some rough housing and ended up cracked. I won’t shed any tears over that though, I am too happy to have found myself such an amazing cape! Mom was right, I’ve only been able to wear it out a handful of times as the weather isn’t very cape friendly. (Too warm.) It still needs a little something though, the perfect pin to accessorize it. I’ve tried out flowers and squirrels, dogs and birds but I can’t commit to one yet.  I believe my next shopping goal is to find a rainbow or flocked unicorn brooch! Now either of those would fit perfectly onto a bright pink cape! (And oh so Lisa Frank!)
A few other things to share….
Did you like that batman mask? It has been kicking around my house since Romyn’s birthday last year. I got the idea from the blog Oh Happy Day to set up a photo booth with dress up props and it was the greatest! You can print some out from here and maybe. I dunno…. flock them!
(Romyn in his photo booth.)
And speaking of flocking…. I came across this amazing idea for flocked nails! Why have I never thought of that before!? I'm think it may be a must try for Easter, thanks to Georgina at Cupcake's Clothes for sharing!
Have fun people! - Kendra
*Polka dot tights from H&M, shoes from Rocket Dog, and my cute dog, Quidjit.


  1. I tried to do some research on Utah Tailoring Mills who made my pink cape, I found a Utah Woolen Mills, but when I emailed them pictures of the tags (thinking perhaps it could have been from them, under an older company name) they let me know that Utah Tailoring Mills has been out of business for years and they've never been the same company. (Whops.) You can find other examples of vintage Utah Tailoring pieces online if you hunt for them, and are at all interested. :-P

  2. Ken,
    I think it's wonderful that you bought a pink cape. I LOVE PINK...Your mother should have pitched in and bought it for you for your birthday or something. You look wonderful in it!!!

    1. I beg my poor mother to buy me so much when thrifting, (why do you think she is my favorite thrifting partner!?) I can hardly expect to be spoiled every time! :-) Besides, I am pretty sure if I hadn't gone back she would have.... I think.... at least to steal it for herself. She loves pink too!