Saturday, March 3, 2012

What I wore.... and the all too easy destruction of tights.

I have a dinner date tonight with some girls and despite the gloomy weather and pounding head cold I am rocking I'm still in a bright mood. Maybe it’s the promise of spring right around the corner, or the coffee Eric fetched me this morning. Meh, really, it’s probably just me looking forward to dinner out and among grownups which has me so cheery.
Today I am wearing my Jason Wu for Target sweater and skirt. The shirt is from H&M, the clutch is Hobo, thrifted belt and bangles, shoes from Material Girl, and the tights are holey. Yah… holey, but as long as that skirt stays down you shouldn’t be able to tell. After tonight I’ll probably have to trash them and I really wish that I could remember where I bought them. (Sigh)
Everyone knows that Velcro is a tight's worst enemy, and in our house the boys sport no shortage of it. This weapon of stocking mass destruction is on their coats, shoes, and even on their watches. I do my best to steer clear of the stuff, but it’s tricky with cute and clingy, huggable, sabotaging toddlers about. Among the trickier attack moves they have perfected is the “Under-the-table-shoe-strap-tight-destroyer”. You never even see this one snag you, just feel that slight tap and hear the popping sound that signals the end of your newest blue stockings. The most destructive move they have however is the dreaded double whammy “Surprise Mommy Guilt Assault”. The last time I suffered the effects of this powerful blitz was on Valentine’s Day. I had just bought Baelin a treat at Dunkin Donuts and he giddily threw his arms up for a hug, my first thought is …. aaaaaadorable…. my second is THE RED TIGHTS!
“DON’T HUG MOMMY!” I snap, trying to jump back from his open arms and winter jacket.
Too late though. KKKKKEEERRIPPPPPP… I cringe as I try to gently tear him and the longest strip of Velcro ever off me. After examining the damage I notice judgment on the faces of the other patrons. Well, I guess it could have been pity I saw, or maybe stocking shell shock. Something like that can be so difficult to watch. Not only did my tights and sweater dress suffer injury that day, but I had publicly denounced affection from my baby on Valentine’s Day of all days! See? Double whammy. (No worries though, donuts and kisses made all that better.)   
Anyway, these purple tights were another unfortunate Velcro victim.  “At least the destruction is up high.” I think while I hair spray my backside. They just have to make it through dinner. Dang Velcro!! It’s just one of those mommy fashion hazards I guess. Like dodging puke and yanked earrings early on. Or finger paint stains and dunking your fringe scarf into a public bathroom toilet during potty training. (Did that one happen to anyone else?)
Really though, who would even notice holey tights around the best part of my rainbow outfit? That belt! It’s one of my favorite things I have ever picked up at a thrift store. Wearing it always puts me in a good mood, and it is absolutely Velcro proof.
I hope you all have a great weekend! - Kendra

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